Listen to Your Gut: An Intuitive Reading with Valerie Libby

Trained as an attorney and having worked at one of the most premier law firms in Maine, Valerie Libby left the legal profession nearly 15 years ago to pursue her passion, which had been calling her for several years.  Her calling – what she believes has allowed her to forge her path in the most fundamentally authentic way – and to help others get on the path that is intended for them – is in her work as an Intuitive and an Executive/Life Coach.

With some of the same tenets as a psychic, Valerie operates with a slightly different philosophy than that of a psychic or astrologer.  By tapping into her intuition – which every one of us has and which strengthens the more we develop it – Valerie is able to access information on others’ behalf, to delve into the rich inner life of her clients, with their permission.  This information includes tapping into a client’s history, greatest desires and dreams.  In Valerie’s practice, she may hone in on certain traumas or particular beliefs or behaviors that may be holding people back from living their most authentic life. 

Valerie’s process as an Intuitive is unique from that of a psychic in that she typically begins by doing a meditation prior to meeting with her client.  In that meditative state, she is only given limited information about the client prior to her first meeting with them (i.e., only their name, telephone number and three areas of their life they would like her to focus on in the meditation).  During the meditation, Valerie focuses on the client and taps into her intuition, as well as the client’s energy field. 

All thoughts, visions, voices, bodily sensations come to her are via her intuition by means of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and the energetic connection with her client.  She takes notes during her meditation to facilitate remembering the information she receives for the actual reading-time with the client, and often has between 10-15 pages of notes to relay.  This note-taking process provides the framework for the meeting with her client. 

As part of my interview of Valerie for this story, she performed a reading for me.  As she began the reading, she explained that “[g]enerally something that first comes to me during my meditation is something you’re on the verge of; you’re right on the edge of it.  I just pay attention to what happens.  I see things in my mind’s eye, I hear things, I might have body sensations.”  With respect to my reading, Valerie explained that “it was clear to me during this reading that you’ve learned some things about yourself that are life-changing for you.”  She later explained what those things were.

Valerie’s images and information is often symbolic.  The first scene that appeared to her in the meditation was a line of people tap-dancing.  “They’re all women and they’re all in a row, kind of like the Rockettes.  You’re a part of it and you’re all dancing in unison,” she describes, adding that, “It’s as if you’re saying to me that you could dance alone, but it’s as if you’re showing me that acting with others is more powerful.  It’s as if you’re doing a tap dance alone it might be interesting to watch, but if you see a lineup of people doing something it has more impact.” 

“I see you – you’re one of the dancers – but you’re a person who draws people into alignment with you.  You’re showing me that if [the line-up] were just for dancing you would be bored and dissatisfied.  It’s as if you’re saying you want something more.  You want to do something more; something that’s more meaningful and impactful than just one person dancing or acting alone,” she explains with utter confidence. 

“How is this resonating for you?” Valerie stops to inquire.  “Very much so,” I respond, reflecting on my own personal visions and desire for making a difference in the world.  I let her continue so not to disrupt her flow.

“You say to me, ‘I just need to trust.  If I build it, they will come.’  It’s as if you’re just settling into your inner wisdom.  You’re saying to yourself: ‘Don’t worry who will show up.’  You want to talk to people about shifts in consciousness or shifts in perspective, as if, that is the thing that’s going to help them to shift.  This [your work] is about an understanding of belief and intention, of thoughts turning into matter,” Valerie describes.

Continuing on, Valerie adds, “There’s something about your particular path, about what you’re learning about yourself, and what you’ve learned about life that informs you about what others might need.  It’s like you already have it in mind.  Somehow or other, the people and places will show up to make it happen.  This is a part of you stepping out very differently than you have been to date.”  

“When people find their way to me, the first part of the reading is typically about people being on the edge,” Valerie says, explaining that, “Whatever the first thing is that shows up, I feel like people are on the verge of it, and if they step into it, it shifts their life.”   In my particular case, she says that, “When you step into this, it will shift everything.  This is about you doing something that is from your own story, and you’re doing something that is uplifting other people.  

When the reading concluded, I found myself at complete peace with Valerie’s reading.  It was a simultaneous reminder and reinforcement about the power of intuition; of the importance of not only listening to your gut, but trusting the power of intuition.

As an experienced Intuitive, Valerie’s powers exemplify how intuition can be developed through focus, practice, and concentration and how important it can be in assisting each of us in fulfilling our life’s purpose.  In my reading, Valerie explained that this skill is something she spent over a decade developing before ever attempted to use it with others.  And, as a coach, Valerie helps her clients develop their intuitive skills and pulls from their strengths to create sustainable successes in alignment with their deepest desires.  While we all have intuition within us, it is helpful to have others help draw it out, and in some cases to help guide us to what we already know. 

If you would like to have an intuitive reading or you are looking for a coach to support your process and/or help you create the tools and a workable plan for personal or professional success, please contact Valerie Libby at