A Conversation with Ryan Nitz, Acupuncturist and Founder of Maine Center for Acupuncture

I sat down with Ryan Nitz, MAc., LAc., Acupuncturist and Founder of Maine Center for Acupuncture in Portland, Maine, one of the state's only community-based acupuncture clinics. Though the interview was recorded with the intention of writing a profile from the recording, I've decided to share Ryan's story as a sound clip instead, in large part because he makes such a great in-person interview and he talks about his vocation and his story so eloquently.  

As a sampling, here's what he has to say about the concept of community acupuncture:

"The way I think about this place is that it's just a watering hole for people to gather, so they can let go of stuff and they can create movement in their lives.  And when people cry or there is upset, in my mind, it's just healing, it's energy moving, and it needs to move.  And the fact that people can allow themselves to do that, in a group with others, and the group of others helps contain it, they're a part of that healing," Ryan says.

Click the link below to here about what Ryan has to say about his approach to acupuncture, his personal philosophy, his work-life balance, why he stopped practicing yoga, and why he calls himself a "megan." 

Disclaimer: This recording was made originally to write from so please excuse my excessive "ahs" and "hmmms..."