Lindsey Ray's Light (Part II): A Q+A with the Singer/Songwriter

Part II

Part II of a two-part interview with singer-songwriter Lindsey Ray, in her own words.  Part I can be found here

1.       What is music to you?  Therapy? Meditation?  Something else?

Music is definitely therapy and meditative at times, but I mostly think of music as a playground. There are so many ways to create music, so many sounds that can be used and melodies that can be sung.  And there are so many ways to sing one melody!  I love playing around with the different tones in my voice, and I like to think of it as changing characters. I can express every side of myself in a way people from all over the world can understand. Music is the universal language.  

2.       What other form of art, expression, or experience inspires or fuels your music?

I would say people and life’s ups and downs are my biggest inspirations. I’m inspired by the human experience as a whole; from birth to death and everything in between. I pull from other people’s experiences as much as I pull from my own, [in addition to other art forms].

3.       What do you find most nurturing about your art?

What’s most nurturing about my art is the fact that there’s always something more to discover and more ways to express myself. Music is always changing and so am I. I’ll never get bored with it.  No matter what life throws at me, I’ll always have music as an outlet. 

4.       Do you have any rituals?  What are they? 

I believe very much in the power of the mind and the energy behind every word we speak, so I like to do daily affirmations every morning on my way to my sessions.  I’ve done this for the last four years.  I take deep breaths and focus on releasing any anxiety or negative thoughts I may have, and then I talk myself through a list of affirmations of gratitude, strength, courage and whatever my intentions and desires are for that day. 

5.       What’s your “blissful interlude” – the time of day that gives you the most bliss?

Once I’m done working for the night, I take a bath full of bath salts and bubbles. It’s my time to reflect on the day - what I did well, what I could have done better, etc.  And, sometimes I come up with new ideas or melodies while I’m in there. The heat of the water relaxes my muscles and any other tension I have, and sets me up to really take it easy for the rest of the night.  Baths are my bliss!