My name is Sarah and I believe that everyone has a story to tell.

Credit: Magdalena Niziol

As an INFJ, I enjoy making connections with people and learning about what people have to offer. Because of this, I am continually inspired by the things people create - food, art, music, poetry, because it is within these gifts that people are baring their souls, their vulnerabilities, and the rawest parts of themselves - which I believe is the fruit of their stories, their essence

I am equally intrigued by people who have undergone great struggles, because it is within these experiences where the greatest agents for change and personal growth are found.

Ultimately, everyone has something to share, something to offer to the world, even if they don't know it yet. 

I developed this site after blogging for several years about various subjects, upon undergoing and working through by own personal struggles, and then realizing the path to my own life purpose - share people's stories and to help people achieve their life and wellness goals.

This website is the result of this: a space for exploring, sharing + growing, by sharing stories about people  who are pursuing their life passions, and by providing advice and tips for finding your own bliss.

Thanks for stopping by, and stay blissful!

Sarah Woehler, Creator of a blissful interlude

P.S. Some other random facts about me, if you'd like to know, are as follows:

  • Residence: Portland, Maine
  • Likes: Food, wellness,  getting deep, exploring new places, big hugs, yin yoga, and dancing.
  • Dislikes: Close-mindedness, destruction, and dirty feet.